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The focus of our existence is education: CEO Luncheons, divisional meetings, seminars and conferences, which are the primary focus for our educational activities. CEO’s, Board Chairs and other Executives are invited to attend regularly scheduled meetings focusing on strategically important issues. Divisions composed of department heads and department specialist address managerial trends and concerns and frequently draw upon the expertise of our Associates for presentations.

2017 Awards Luncheon

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Paul Hagens, Doctors Community Hospital; Denise Keys, Holy Cross Health and Forest Read, Jackson Lewis

Waymon Armstrong, EEO, ECS, Inc. with Lynn Welch and Randy Marrible, EMS, LLC

Alicia Brill, George Washington University Hospital and Ken Cohen, PhD, The Synergy Group

Denise Keys and Norvell Coots, Holy Cross Health, checking out the day’s program.

Julie Keese, Ann Coppersmith and Matthew Lukasiak, Holy Cross Health

Lynette Godhard, Adventist Healthcare Home Care Services and Mary Williams, Premier Inc.

Kim Russo, George Washington, with Kristen Feliciano and Judith Rogers, Hospital

Tammy Woodfork and Wanda Watlington, Ft. Washington Medical Center

Rob Grange and Elizabeth Kotroba, Adventist Healthcare Physical Health & Rehabilitation Hospital

James Thomas, Sibley Memorial Hospital; Tom Peacor and Ron Flowers, Roberts Oxygen and Robert Jewell, Sibley Memorial Hospital

Scott Belzelos, M.D., Michelle Vassallos and Ann Marie Madden, Inova Fairfax Medical Campus

Roxanne Holston, Providence Hospital, checks out the day’s events

Alison Arnott and Joanne Miller, Sibley Memorial Hospital

Keon Stevenson, Dixon Hughes Goodman with Teresa Burke Wright and Katherine Soppett, Jackson Lewis

Jacob Carrr and Conan Dixon, Johns Hopkins Medicine

Adam Schmidt, United Medical Center and Julian Walker, Fukuda Denshi

Les Pitton, President, HCNCA, opens the meeting

Michael Chiaramonte, President, Chiaramonte & Associates, welcomes everyone and gives background on the Employee of the Year Award.

Robby Brewer, Lerch, Early & Brewer and HCNCA Legal Counsel, gives background on the McNulty award

Hercules Pinkney, PhD, Board Chair, Holy Cross Health and Judith Rogers, PhD, President, Holy Cross Hospital, speak about and introduce Kevin Sexton, recipient of the McNulty Award

Kevin Sexton, former President, Holy Cross Health (Hospital) accepts the Matthew F. McNulty, Jr. Award

Standing ovation for Kevin Sexton

Standing ovation for Kevin Sexton

Joan Lewis, American Hospital Association; Les Pitton, HCNCA; Kevin Sexton, Hercules Pinkney and Judith Rogers, Holy Cross Health (Hospital)

Holy Cross Health attending board and executive staff

25 of the 33 Employee of the Year Award Recipients.

Employee of the Year & Matthew F. McNulty Award Luncheon

The McNulty Award and Employees of the Year Award Luncheon was held March 9, 2017. Kevin J. Sexton, Former President & CEO, Holy Cross Health, was the 18th recipient of this award. Judith Rogers, President, Holy Cross Hospital, nominated Mr. Sexton to receive this 2016 award based on his belief that the number one job of a health care CEO is to embrace an inspirational mission and achieve clear focus throughout the organization on a strategy or plan to accomplish that mission. He inspired seasoned leaders as well as new employees. He mentored leaders in the organization and in the community in integrating mission and margin in focused, strategic and sustainable ways and he led by example. He embraced the legacy of the founding Sisters of the Holy Cross in ways that expanded and enlivened their vision of responding to community need, nurturing partnerships and valuing diversity.

Employees from participating healthcare facilities received the "Employee of the Year Award." This was the fifth Employee of the Year Event sponsored by the Healthcare Council, recognizing outstanding employees who contributed to extraordinary efforts in creating efficiencies, improving processes and contributing to customer satisfaction.

Healthcare Council/Premier Fall Conference
November 10, 2016

Mike Barch, Healthcare Council NCA Board Chair welcomes everyone to the 2016 Healthcare Council/Premier Fall Conference

Chris Howard, Healthcare Council NCA Fellow, introduces himself and speaks about Population Health and the internship program at UMD

Les Pitton, President & CEO, Health Care Council NCA, greets and welcomes everyone to this year’s conference

Tom Kleinhanzl, President and CEO, Frederick Regional Health System, introducing Blair Childs, Senior Vice President of Premier’s Public Affairs

Speaker Blair Childs, Senior Vice President of Premier's Public Affairs, opens up the conference by speaking on what to expect in payment and delivery system reform from the new President

Adele Draiman and Charmaine Williams – Suburban Hospital John Hopkins Medicine

Darmita Wilson, Providence Hospital, poses a question to the speaker

Audience Group Shot

Engaging Audience Attendees

HCNCA Board Members George Wilkes, Mike Barch, Joe Lavalle, Les Pitton and other conference attendees enjoy the information being presented

Q&A time for audience participation

Joseph Linstrom, Vice President of Operations, Suburban Hospital, introducing Katherine Keefe

Katherine Keefe, who leads Beazley's Breach Response Services group as a long-standing health care attorney, presents on healthcare's data security challenges

David Holdsworth, Brothers Brother, discusses his organization's mission

Joe Damore, Vice President of Population Health Management for Premier, Inc., serves as moderator for the conference's CEO Panel Discussion and is shown here with Scott Rifkin, MD, Co-founder and CEO of Mid-Atlantic Health Care's 21 skilled nursing facilities, and Richard Safeer, MD, FAAFP, Medical Director of Employee Health & Wellness at John Hopkins HealthCare, LLC

Rounding out the CEO Panel are participants Vincent Keane, President and CEO of Unity Health Care Inc. in Washington, DC, and Mark Stauder, President and COO, Inova Health System in Falls Church, VA

Interesting information presented to attendees by the speakers

Bruce Siegel, MD President and CEO, American’s Essential Hospitals, Washington, DC, speaks on the proactive and reactive policy agenda for hospitals and health systems in the 115th Congress

Conference Attendee Patricia Brown, Medstar Nat’l Rehab Hospital

Conference Attendee

Conference Attendees

Audience Attendees

Speaker Izzy Justice is a consultant to executive teams and boards and is known for giving dynamic, real-life application presentations that some have described as life changing!

Krista Drobac, Executive Director, Alliance for Connected Care, speaks on new ways of thinking about care coordination and how remote care management is a solution for generating significant savings

Sherri Lewis, Premier, and Les Pitton, HCNCA, announce the winners of the drawing

Ken Cohen, The Synergy Organization, Kevin DeBruyne, Region Vice President, Premier, Inc., and David Holdsworth, Brothers Brother, watch as prize winners are drawn

Ryan Lewis, Premier, Mike Barch, Healthcare Council Board Chair, and Mark Stauder, President and COO, Inova Health System, Falls Church, VA, enjoy the prize ceremony

Darmita Wilson, Providence Hospital, wins the Greenbrier Getaway Grand Prize

2016 Annual Awards Luncheon

Matthew F. McNulty, Jr. Award and 2015 Employees of the Year Awards presented by Michael Barch, Board Chair and Les Pitton, President & CEO, Healthcare Council of the National Capital Area

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Les Pitton, Adam Younozai, Medical Director; Kevin Young, President, Adventist HealthCare Behavioral Health and Michael Barch

Keith Ballenger, President, Leslee Knecht, Manager of Performance Improvement, Adventist HealthCare Home Health Services with Michael Barch and Les Pitton

Valerie Summerlin, CNO, Maria "Cathy" Saunar, Nursing Leader, Adventist HealthCare Physical Health & Rehabilitation with Michael Barch and Les Pitton

Joan Vincent, VP Patient Care Services & CNO, Amy Gilkey, Clinical Nurse Manager, NICO, Adventist HealthCare Shady Grove Medical Center with Michael Barch and Les Pitton

Beverly Jackson, Executive Director and Senior Business Partner; Mabel Ankrah, Nurse Leader Adventist Healthcare Washington Adventist Hospital with Michael Barch and Les Pitton

Valerie Hayes, Director of Nursing accepting for Joann Johnson, Respiratory Therapist, BridgePoint Hospital Hadley with Michael Barch and Les Pitton

Leonard Smith, Terri Woodside, Director of Nursing; Althea Rada, RN Supervisor BridgePoint Sub-Acute and Rehabilitation - Hadley with Michael Barch and Les Pitton

Sally Kweti, Barry Bloomer, Certified Medicine Aide, Brooke Grove Rehabilitation & Nursing Center with Michael Barch and Les Pitton

Shomari White, Lyn Rowland, Director of Data Services and Business Analytics Children's National Health System with Michael Barch and Les Pitton

Camille Bash, Chief Financial Officer accepting for Paula Bruening, VP, Nursing and Patient Care Services and Dr. Gabe Jaffe, Chief Medical Officer Doctors Community Hospital with Michael Barch and Les Pitton

Barry Wolfman, CEO; Susan Griffiths Marketing Manager, George Washington University Hospital with Michael Barch and Les Pitton

Sherman Addison, Department Administrator, Enkutatash, Sleep Lab Coordinator - Dept. of Neurology, Howard University Hospital with Michael Barch and Les Pitton

Dr. Scott Betzelos, Chief Medical Officer, Crystal Wood, Director Patient Safety, Inova Fairfax Medical Campus with Michael Barch and Les Pitton

Cindy Mowry, Carla Porter, Director of Non-Invasive Cardiology Services, Inova Heart & Vascular Institute with Michael Barch and Les Pitton

Julie Neninchka-Reed, Chief HR & Integrity Officer; Sharon Harriston, Nurse Practitioner, Holy Cross Health with Michael Barch and Les Pitton

Claude Margot, Joanne Ogaitis, Administrative Coordinator, Holy Cross Germantown Hospital with Michael Barch and Les Pitton

Fe-Nieves, VP, Patient Care Services; Roseanne Herbert, Director Emergency Dept. and Infusion Center with Michael Barch and Les Pitton

Alicia Brill, Director, Human Resources; Kathryn Werner, Recruiter, MedStar Georgetown University Hospital with Michael Barch and Les Pitton

James Hill, Senior Vice President, Administrative Services; Kathleen Chapman, Assistant Vice President, Washington Hospital Center with Michael Barch and Les Pitton

Jason Peng, HR Director; Marisol Ortiz, Program Manager, Care for Kids Program, Primary Care Coalition of Montgomery County with Michael Barch and Les Pitton

Candace Hanrahan, CNO; Kim Grady, Emergency Department Director, Prince George’s Hospital Center with Michael Barch and Les Pitton

Duane Erwin, CEO; Brandon Strauder, Business Development Specialist, Providence Hospital with Michael Barch and Les Pitton

Lori Lusby Hamilton, Director of Continuing Care; Yvette Ross, Acute Care Coordinator, Riderwood Village with Michael Barch and Les Pitton

Karen McCamant, Director of Nursing; Suzanne Dutton, NICHE Coordintor, Sibley Memorial Hospital Johns Hopkins Medicine with Michael Barch and Les Pitton

Alison Arnott, VP for Support Services; Timothy Chamberlain, Director Biomedical Services, Sibley Memorial Hospital with Michael Barch and Les Pitton

Quinn Collins, Director of Nursing Systems and Operations; Fadwa Natour, Nursing Supervisor, Suburban Hospital with Michael Barch and Les Pitton

Barry Wolfman, CEO, George Washington University Hospital, introduces Dr. Jehan El-Bayoumi

Dr. Jehan El-Bayoumi, Associate Professor of Medicine, Medical Faculty Associates (GWUH)

Barry Wolfman, Dr. Jehan El-Bayoumi, Michael Barch and Les Pitton

Recipients of the Employee of the Year Award and Matthew F. McNulty, Jr. Award. Individually named above.

Healthcare Council & Premier Fall Conference 2014

Kevin DeBruyne opens the Fall Conference

Les Pitton welcomes attendees to the Healthcare Council/Premier Fall Conference

Karen Davis., Roger C. Lipitz Center for Integrated Care at Johns Hopkins University

William Shrank, M.D., CVS Health

John Colmers, Johns Hopkins Medicine

Blair Childs, Premier

Richard Gundling, Healthcare Financial Management Association

Ceci Connolly, PriceWaterhouseCoopers

Patricia Mook and Ryan Bosch, M.D., Inova Health System

Kavita Patel, M.D., Brookings Institute

Camille Bash, Doctors Community Hospital, following up with speaker after presentation

Pat Brown, National Rehabilitation Hospital; Kevin Mell, MedStar Montgomery Genera and Daniel Gold, Senior Reach

David Kruczinski, Krucz Consulting; Ketih Gibb, Brooke Grove Foundation and Gene Milton, Healthcare Council Board Member

Brent Shive, Premier; George Wilkes, III and Kevin DeBruyne during evening social hour

David Kruczinski Krucz Consulting and Mike Barch, HCNCA Board Chair

Kristin Connor, Ft. Washington Hospital, listens to presentation

Rehab Division Meeting, May 2014

Attendees at the first meeting of the Rehab Division of the Healthcare Council chaired by John Baker

Back row: Matt Tovornik, Suburban Hospital; Lauren Hild, Holy Cross Hospital; Rob Grange, Adventist Rehab of Maryland; Ann Metesi, Hebrew Home of Greater Washington; Katy Robinson, MedStar Montgomery Medical Center; Sue Paul, Baker Rehab Group; Luann Hollenberger, Northwest Hospital; Liz Newman, MedStar National Rehabilitation Hospital; Perique Wimes, Fort Washington Medical Center; Karl Kalbacher, The Ferguson Group
Front row: John Baker, Baker Rehab Group; Elizabeth Kotroba, Adventist Rehab; Dianne McCarthy, Sibley Memorial Hospital; Pat Brown, MedStar National Rehabilitation Hospital; Linda Maynard, George Washington University Hospital; Tamerill Faison, Riderwood Village; Jennifer Swenson, Virginia Hospital Center; Vanessia Morgan-Smith, Children’s National Medical Center and Komal Jobe, Jobe Consulting Group.

Ed Eckenhoff, President Emeritus, MedStar National
Rehabilitation Network

2013 Matthew F. McNulty Award Recipient

Ken Samet, President, MedStar Health, speaking about Ed Eckenhoff, President Emeritus, National Rehabilitation Network and 2013 Matthew F. McNulty, Jr. Award recipient

John Rockwood, President, MedStar National Rehabilitation Network, speaking about Ed Eckenhoff

Ken Samet and John Rockwood accepting the McNulty Award on behalf of Ed Eckenhoff who was unable to attend the luncheon.

Kathleen Chapman, James Hill, MedStar Washington Hospital Center and Pamela Ashby, MedStar National Rehabilitation Network, a few of the MedStar staff attending in recognition of Ed Eckenhoff

Rafael Convit, M.D., Dana Casson and Robert Marsteller, MedStar National Rehabilitation Network, attending in recognition of Ed Eckenhoff

2013 Employee of the Year Award Representing
23 Healthcare Facilities

Les Pitton, President, Healthcare Council; Venzil Brown, Siata Coulibaly, Adventist Home Assistance and Michael Barch, Board Chair, Healthcare Council (HCNCA)

Nikkisha Mills, Keith Ballenger, Adventist Home Health and Michael Barch, Healthcare Council Board Chair

Greg Porter and Dorothy Poole, Brooke Grove Rehabilitation & Nursing Center

Les Pitton, HCNCA; Clarine Thomas, Liz Mendez, Children’s National Medical Center and Michael Barch, HCNCA

Les Pitton, HCNCA; Paul Grenaldo, Jerry Dyer, Doctors Community Hospital and Micahel Barch, HCNCA

Les Pitton, Katrina Wilson, Fr. Pothin Ngyele, Frederick Memorial Hospital and Michael Barch, HCNCA

Les Pitton, HCNCA; J. Manuel Ocasio, Jerry Hartke, Holy Cross Hospital and Michael Barch, HCNCA

Les Pitton, HCNCA; Ron Ewald, Cheryll Battle, Inova Medical Campus and Michael Barch, HCNCA

Les Pitton, HCNCA; Maeline Erario, Chalapathy Venkateson, M.D., Inova Fairfax Medical Campus and Michael Barch, HCNCA

Les Pitton, HCNCA; Mary Jo Schwieickhardt, Iman Mohammed, Alicia Brill, MedStar Georgetown University Medical Center and Michael Barch

Les Pitton, HCNCA; Marybeth Kazanas, Rommel Jones, MedStar Montgomery General Hospital and Michael Barch, HCNCA

Les Pitton, HCNCA; James Hill, Dennis Hoban, MedStar Washington Hospital Center and Michael Barch, HCNCA

Les Pitton, HCNCA; Melinda Armstrong accepting for Charity Dorazio, Primary Care Coalition and Michael Barch

Les Pitton, HCNCA; Meedie Bardonille, Hyacinth Walkes, Providence Hospital and Michael Barch, HCNCA

Les Pitton, HCNCA; Lori Hamilton, Tamerill Faison, Riderwood Village and Michael Barch

Les Pitton, HCNCA; Dianne McCarthy, Elizabeth Ronayne, Sibley Memorial Hospital and Michael Barch, HCNCA

Les Pitton, HCNCA; Delores Clair Oliver and Takiea Edwards, Specialty Hospital of Washington-Capitol Hill and Michael Barch, HCNCA

Les Pitton, HCNCA; Dianne Cavanaugh, Antoinette Jenkins, Specialty Hospital of Washington-Hadley Hospital and Michael Barch, HCNCA

Les Pitton, HCNCA; Leonard Smith, LaShawn Edmonds, Specialty Hospital of Washington-Skilled Nursing Facility and Michael Barch, HCNCA

Les Pitton, HCNCA; Joseph Linstrom, Quentin Simeone, Suburban Hospital and Michael Barch, HCNCA

Les Pitton, HCNCA, Pamela Lee, Jackie Johnson, Quintina Johnson and Michael Barch, HCNCA

Dr. Thomas Chapman, President and CEO, The HSC Health Care System, Anne Ruecktenwald, The HSC Pediatric Center and Les Pitton, HCNCA. Anne was unable to attend the luncheon and the award was presented at a later date.

Les Pitton, Rosemarie Melendez and Joyce Newmyer. Rosemarie was unable to attend the luncheon and the award was presented at a later date.

Healthcare Council & Premier Fall Conference 2013

Michael Barch, Board Chairman, Healthcare Council

Kevin DeBruyne, Region VP, Premier

Les Pitton, President & CEO, Healthcare Council

Jeffrey Selberg, Vice President & COO, Institute for Healthcare Improvement

Calvin Brown, Trustee, Healthcare Council

Joe Damore, VP, Population Health, Premier

Blair Childs, Senior VP, Public Affairs, Premier

Ryan Frederick, Founder & Principal,
Point Forward Solutions

Population Health Panel: Traci Anderson, President, MedStar VNA; Dr. Joseph Territo, AMD for Quality, Kaiser Health; Isabella Firth, President & CEO, LifeSpan; Dr. Steve Morgan, CMIO Carrillion Health, Jeff Richardson, Ex. Dir., Mosaic; Patrick Christiansen, PhD, CEO, Fairfax Hospital; Brent Shrive, Premier Regional VP Introducing Panel & Moderator; Dr. Walter H. Ettinger, Sr. VP & CMO of UMMS

Elizabeth Curan, Aetna Head National Network Strategy; Jill Berger, Marriott International VP, Health & Welfare; John Miller, Ex. Dir. Mid-Atlantic Business Group on Health

Dr. Walter H. Ettinger, Sr. VP & CMO of UMMS LLP; Mike Barch, Chair, Healthcare Council

Jake Dorst, VP and CIO, Meritus Health and Michelle Mahan, CFO, Frederick Memorial Hospital

Tom Kleinhanzl, CEO, Frederick Memorial; Marci Nielson, PhD, MPH, CEO of Patient Centered Primary Care Collaborative

John Maloney, Director Partner Development, NCA Shared Services; Les Pitton, Healthcare Council and Jeffrey Selberg, Institute of Healthcare Improvement

Eric Scott, Vice President, GroupOne Services, and Ken Cohen, Ph.D., President & CEO, The Synergy Organization

John Baker, CEO, Baker Rehab Group and Traci Anderson, President, MedStar VNA

George Wilkes, III, Trustee, Healthcare Council and Zane Gray, Accounting Manager, Children's National Medical Center

Marci Nielson, CEO, Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative and Ruth Ayenew, Director, Business Development, ARAMARK

Barry Byer, M.D., Trustee and Ruth Anderson, Director, Virginia Supply Program, Brother's Brother Foundation

Les Pitton, President & CEO, Healthcare Council; Patrick Christiansen, Ph.D., CEO, Inova Fairfax Hospital and Kevin DeBruyne, Region Vice President, Premier

Robert Sloan, Former President, Sibley Memorial Hospital, Receives 2012 Matthew F. McNulty Award

Robert and Janet Sloan, Sibley Memorial Hospital

Peter Petrucci, M.D., Sibley; Bill Barton, Sibley; Michael Barch, Healthcare Council Chair and Joan Vincent, Sibley

Janet and Robert Sloan, Ted Miller, Sibley Memorial Hospital

McDonnell, Jerry Price, Chip Davis; Second Row – Rev. Sheila McNeill‐Lee, Joan Vincent, Roca Harding, Melanie Yumor, Queenie Plater, Christine Stuppy, Ted Miller, Bill Barton; Front Row ‐ Janet and Robert Sloan

HCNCA March 14, 2013 Awards Meeting Attendees

Marta Perez, Adventist HealthCare; Cinnamon Pettijohn and Beverly Jackson, Washington Adventist Hospital

Manny Ocasio, Holy Cross Hospital; Matt Lasecki, Providence Hospital, 2012 and 2013 HR Divisional Group Chairs

Janet Blackwood; Adedayo Ekundayo, M.D.; Orin Hackett; Quintina Johnson, United Medical Center; Margaret Fisher and Muhammad Jalloh, Specialty Hospital of Washington – Capitol Hill

Mary Lynn Elsmo, Darryl Varnado, Heather Langlois, Brenda Shephard Vernon, Children's National Medical Center

Bill Barton, Sibley Memorial Hospital; Michael Barch, HCNCA Board Chair; Kevin DeBruyne, Premier, Inc. and John Maloney, NCA Shared Services

Mary Susan Lightner, Keith Ballenger, Lynette Godhard and Gail Pasard, Adventist Home Health

Yolanda Estep, CAPT Donald Worm, Navy Health Clinic Annapolis and COL Jay Cloutier, Malcolm Grow Medical Center

Alex Morris, Fort Washington Medical Center and Vickie Shockey, Providence Hospital

Omega Logan Silva, M.D., HCNCA Board Member and Les Pitton, HCNCA President & CEO

Delores Claire Oliver and Susan Bailey, Specialty Hospital of Washington

Terry O'Malley, Shirley Thompson, Heather Rudman and Nancy Bruce, Frederick Memorial Hospital;

Employee of the Year Award Recipients with Nominator

* Award Recipient

Les Pitton, HCNCA with Keith Ballenger and Mary Sue Lightner, Adventist Home Health*

Valerie Summerlin and Catherine Hungerford*, Adventist Rehabilitation Hospital

Michael Barch, HCNCA Board Chair, Brenda Shephard‐Vernon and Heather Langlois*

Marjorie‐Quint‐Bouzid and Linus Williams*, Fort Washington Medical Center

Shirley Thompson and Heather Rudman*, Frederick Hospital Memorial Hospital

Alicia Brill and Lorna McFarlane*, MedStar Georgetown University Hospital

Cynthia Hawley and Hiewot Pigatt*, Holy Cross Hospital

CAPT Donald Worm and Yolanda Esteip, Naval Health Clinic, Annapolis

Matt Lasecki, Meedie Bardmille and Rhonda Coutain*, Providence Hospital

Delores Clair Oliver and Muhammad Jalloh* Specialty Hospital of Washington, Capitol Hill

Dennis Parnell, Monique Sanfuntes* and June Salb, Suburban Hospital

Janet Blackwood and Orin Hackett*, United Medical Center

Joyce Newmyer and Cinnamon Pettijohn*, Washington Adventist Hospital

November 2012 Healthcare Council and Premier Conference

Featured Speakers

Les Pitton, President & CEO, Healthcare Council, welcomes attendees at beginning of conference

James Peake, M.D., CGI Federal

Griff Hall of Griff Hall Leadership addresses audience

Joe Damore, Premier, Inc. takes a question during his presentation

John Reiboldt, Coker Capital Advisors

Mark Seklecki, AHA, discusses healthcare after the elections

Senator Blanche Lincoln, Alston & Bird LLP

Carolyn Scott, Premier, Inc.

Kevin DeBrune, Region Vice President, Premier, introduces next speaker and keeps meeting flowing

Integrated Care Panel & Open Discussion

Panel Members (l-r): SUsan Bailey, Specialty Hospital Washington - Capitol Hill; Kurt Newman, Children's NMC and Ann Gillespie, Asbury Communities

Blair Childs, Premier, moderates panel discussion

George Lowe, Mercy Hospital; Barry Ronan, Western Maryland Healthcare Association; Salliann Alborn, Maryland Community Health System; Keith Ballenger, Adventist Home Health

Attendees of the November Healthcare Council & Premier Conference

Audience (including members of Council's Executive Committee) enjoys presentation

Steve Galen, Primary Care Coalition of Montgomery County and Dan Neumeister, Chase Brexton Health Services

George Wilkes, III, Healthcare Council; Hugh Eagleton, Board Member Emeritus, Children's; Blair Childs, Premier and Barry Ronan, Western Maryland Health System

Michael Barch, Board Chairman, Healthcare Council and Dan Neumeister during break

Keith Ballenger, Adventist Home Health and Blair Childs

Kevin DeBruyne, Premier, Inc. and Ryan Frederick, Point Forward Solutions

John Maloney, NCA Shared Services; Therrion White, CGI (Associate Member) and Calvin Brown, C. Brown Associates

James Xinis, Calvert Memorial Hospital and Kurt Newman, M.D., Children's National Medical Center