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The focus of our existence is education: CEO Luncheons, divisional meetings, seminars and conferences, which are the primary focus for our educational activities. CEO’s, Board Chairs and other Executives are invited to attend regularly scheduled meetings focusing on strategically important issues. Divisions composed of department heads and department specialist address managerial trends and concerns and frequently draw upon the expertise of our Associates for presentations

HCNCA/Premier Fall Conference

October 25, 2017

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Board/CEO Meetings

The Board for the Healthcare Council and the Shared Services Board meet four times each year to review the strategic direction of the organization. The Board consists of Provider and Payor Executives.

March 21, 2018

June 13, 2018

September 19, 2018

December 5, 2018

Employee of the Year & Matthew F. McNulty Award Luncheon

The McNulty Award and Employees of the Year Award Luncheon was held March 9, 2017. Kevin J. Sexton, Former President & CEO, Holy Cross Health, was the 18th recipient of this award. Judith Rogers, President, Holy Cross Hospital, nominated Mr. Sexton to receive this 2016 award based on his belief that the number one job of a health care CEO is to embrace an inspirational mission and achieve clear focus throughout the organization on a strategy or plan to accomplish that mission. He inspired seasoned leaders as well as new employees. He mentored leaders in the organization and in the community in integrating mission and margin in focused, strategic and sustainable ways and he led by example. He embraced the legacy of the founding Sisters of the Holy Cross in ways that expanded and enlivened their vision of responding to community need, nurturing partnerships and valuing diversity.

Employees from participating healthcare facilities received the "Employee of the Year Award." This was the fifth Employee of the Year Event sponsored by the Healthcare Council, recognizing outstanding employees who contributed to extraordinary efforts in creating efficiencies, improving processes and contributing to customer satisfaction.

Divisional Meetings:

Facility Managers Division

CONTACT: (Interim): Mark Mininberg, President, Hospital Energy

HR Divisional Meeting

CONTACT: Paul Hagens, VP, Human Resources, Doctors Community Hospital

IT Divisional Meeting

CONTACT: Nathan Read, Senior Director, IT, George Washington University Hospital

Pharmacy Group Meeting

CONTACT: Melanie Massiah-White, Pharmacy Director, Inova Health System

Physicians Management Meeting

CONTACT: Darmita Wilson, COO – Providence Physicians Services, Providence Hospital

Quality Divisional Meeting

CONTACT: Derdire Coleman, President, DCAHQ (DC Association of Healthcare Quality)

Rehab Division Meeting

CONTACT: Gerilynn Connors, BS, Clinical Manager, Respiratory Care Outpatient Services,
Inova Fairfax Medical Campus

Supply Chain Division

Meetings held under MASHMM umbrella
CONTACT: Kenyetta Keys, Director of Materials Management, Doctors Community Hospital

Volunteer Divisional Meeting

CONTACT: Roxanne Holston, Manager,
Volunteer Services & Senior Connection Dept. Providence Hospital

Young Health Care Professionals Divisional Meeting

CONTACT: John McNally, Assistant Administrator,
Clinical Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences,
Community Hospital Division Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Past Events

2017 Awards Luncheon

For individual photos of Employee of the year recipients and their narratives, see Special Edition Newsletter (PDF) »





Paul Hagens, Doctors Community Hospital; Denise Keys, Holy Cross Health and Forest Read, Jackson Lewis

Waymon Armstrong, EEO, ECS, Inc. with Lynn Welch and Randy Marrible, EMS, LLC

Alicia Brill, George Washington University Hospital and Ken Cohen, PhD, The Synergy Group

Denise Keys and Norvell Coots, Holy Cross Health, checking out the day’s program.

Julie Keese, Ann Coppersmith and Matthew Lukasiak, Holy Cross Health

Lynette Godhard, Adventist Healthcare Home Care Services and Mary Williams, Premier Inc.

Kim Russo, George Washington, with Kristen Feliciano and Judith Rogers, Hospital

Tammy Woodfork and Wanda Watlington, Ft. Washington Medical Center

Rob Grange and Elizabeth Kotroba, Adventist Healthcare Physical Health & Rehabilitation Hospital

James Thomas, Sibley Memorial Hospital; Tom Peacor and Ron Flowers, Roberts Oxygen and Robert Jewell, Sibley Memorial Hospital

Scott Belzelos, M.D., Michelle Vassallos and Ann Marie Madden, Inova Fairfax Medical Campus

Roxanne Holston, Providence Hospital, checks out the day’s events

Alison Arnott and Joanne Miller, Sibley Memorial Hospital

Keon Stevenson, Dixon Hughes Goodman with Teresa Burke Wright and Katherine Soppett, Jackson Lewis

Jacob Carrr and Conan Dixon, Johns Hopkins Medicine

Adam Schmidt, United Medical Center and Julian Walker, Fukuda Denshi

Les Pitton, President, HCNCA, opens the meeting

Michael Chiaramonte, President, Chiaramonte & Associates, welcomes everyone and gives background on the Employee of the Year Award.

Robby Brewer, Lerch, Early & Brewer and HCNCA Legal Counsel, gives background on the McNulty award

Hercules Pinkney, PhD, Board Chair, Holy Cross Health and Judith Rogers, PhD, President, Holy Cross Hospital, speak about and introduce Kevin Sexton, recipient of the McNulty Award

Kevin Sexton, former President, Holy Cross Health (Hospital) accepts the Matthew F. McNulty, Jr. Award

Standing ovation for Kevin Sexton

Standing ovation for Kevin Sexton

Joan Lewis, American Hospital Association; Les Pitton, HCNCA; Kevin Sexton, Hercules Pinkney and Judith Rogers, Holy Cross Health (Hospital)

Holy Cross Health attending board and executive staff

25 of the 33 Employee of the Year Award Recipients.

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