75th Anniversary Videos and Photos



*March, 2022: Help us tackle blood supply shortages by joining our virtual blood drive campaign and pledge to donate during the month of March! 

One donation can help save more than one life. If you aren’t able to donate during the month of March, simply make a pledge and donate whenever you can. Together we can help support our communities. #SleevesUp #75PledgesFor75Years

*February, 2022: TakeHeart: Cardiovascular Innovations in 2022

We are pleased to partner with our member Suburban Hospital during American Heart Month in supporting their 2022 cardiovascular innovations with participation in the TakeHeart webinar, February 24. We thank Suburban Hospital for their work in special treatments and techniques for cardiovascular disease and are proud to partner with them in this special webinar.

*January, 2022: Achieving Mental Wellness Through Self-Care Skills: COVID-19 And Beyond

We recognize that this is an incredibly challenging time for everyone and would like to share this Self-Care webinar from our friends at NAMI as this month’s event. We hope that you find this beneficial for your own wellness journey, and share it with others in your organization.

*December 16, 2021: A Virtual Holiday Concert Featuring the Washington Adventist University Music Department

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*November 22, 2021: Capital Area Food Bank – Good Food Today. Brighter Futures Tomorrow.

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*October 26, 2021: Annual Fall Conference

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*September 25-26, 2021: ‘Be Healthy’ Virtual 5k


The Healthcare Council held its very first ‘Be Healthy’ Virtual 5K over the weekend of September 25-26, 2021 in celebration of our 75th Anniversary. It was a perfect weekend to get outside and ‘Be Healthy’.

We thank all those who participated and helped to support our newly developed ‘Dr. Omega Silva Scholarship Fund’ for disadvantaged women who want to pursue a career in healthcare. Dr. Silva was a member of The Healthcare Council board from 2000 – 2020 and passed away in April 2020. We are so pleased to be honoring Dr. Omega in this way.


*August 19, 2021: Social Event at Children’s National Research and Innovation Campus

Thank you to all who attended our 75th Anniversary Social Hour held at the new Children’s Research & Innovation Center located at The Parks Historic Walter Reed campus on August 19, 2021.

Thanks to Kathy Gorman, our board chair elect and Children’s National Medical Center COO and Kurt Newman, CEO at Children’s for making it possible to use this impressive facility for our anniversary gathering.

A special thank you to Mike Barch for welcoming everyone and giving a brief history of his involvement with The Healthcare Council, and Dr. Newman for presenting a historical perspective of the Walter Reed Campus and the creation of the Innovation Center, and for sharing the May 8, 1946 statement that was written at Children’s Hospital regarding the formation of The Hospital Council, now The Healthcare Council.

*July 29, 2021: Virtual Comedy Hour with Liz Miele.

 Listen to Liz’s 2 Non Doctors Podcast here

Thank you to all those who joined us for an hour of laughter with the charming Liz Miele. We wholeheartedly believe that laughter is good for the soul and important for our well-being. Thank you for spending this time laughing with us. We hope you have the opportunity to see Liz perform elsewhere. Thank you for helping us celebrate 75 years of service and promoting healthy living and wellness.

*2021 Employee of the Year Award and McNulty Award Ceremony

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We are honored to have recognized the exceptional contributions of employees throughout a very challenging year. We are grateful for the dedication and excellence shown. It has been a pleasure getting to know the 2020 Employee of the Year Award recipients through the words expressed by their teams. They were chosen for the extraordinary efforts in creating efficiencies and/or savings that contributed to financial sustainability; extraordinary contribution towards the improvement of processes that contributed to financial sustainability; and the contribution to the structural changes in the delivery of care aimed at improving the experience of customers or a single contribution of such magnitude that it merited recognition on its own. Thank you to all those who nominated their 2020 Employee of the Year recipient and thanks to all those who participated in our second virtual Employee of the Year ceremony. The Healthcare Council is pleased to offer this annual event and is looking forward to having it in person next year! Congratulations to all!

*Video Tribute to Dr. Michael McDermott, CEO Mary Washington Healthcare, 2020 Matthew F. McNulty Award Recipient

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Dr. McDermott is most known for his advocacy and strategic vision, along with his extraordinary efforts to create a resilient, inspired team culture. Since stepping into the role of MWHC’s CEO, Dr. McDermott’s visionary leadership and commitment to the health of the people of the Commonwealth has been extraordinary. He continuously seeks ways to provide excellent, safe care for all citizens in his community by working inside the system to streamline and innovate. With guiding principles that align excellence, strategic decision-making, and solid financial performance, Dr. McDermott’s accomplishments are many — from engaging in strategic partnerships to expanding the breadth of healthcare services provided within the community to successfully implementing best in class electronic health record and enterprise resource planning systems, all the while ensuring the people who provide that care have the best place to work. 

Dr. McDermott’s additional accomplishments are many and his impact remarkable, and those with the privilege to work with him know of his strong work ethic and his incredible efforts for the benefit of the community he serves. He is a man of integrity and strong character, who is approachable and considerate, and who strives every day to ensure his community is well cared for and healthy. A leader that truly embodies the spirit of this award. 

—The Senior Cabinet Team Mary Washington Healthcare (excerpt from Award Ceremony program)